Service Area in Google Maps now a reality?

breaking news via SEL that the Google Local Business Center is now displaying a new tab called “Service Areas and Location Settings.” This means that Google has finally listened and implemented one of the most requested feature for Google Maps. Finally service area’s and workers from home features appear to be a reality after they have been announced back in november 2009 when PO boxes were no longer a legit way to verify your business. Ofcourse – for the time being-  this feature appears to be available only in the US and not in Europe (Google’s largest marketshare) yet.
service area google maps - Matt McGee
On of the features also covers the area of workers from home that do not want to show their private address but do want to get listed as a business in a certain service area.
All in all this is definately a great service of which we will hear a lot of in the future – not only positive thoughts – as this is opening up new opportunities and challenges.

PS: challenges are rising, be warned, read more

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