Google Maps spam appearing in Europe – not only a problem in US

Map spam in Spain

Map spam is starting to become a problem in Europe as well. Most of us might know (almost infamous) Mike Blumenthal for his ongoing vendetta against map spam and battering Google in the process.

According to this article it says that Maps Guide Jen made the statement that businesses were only allowed to have only one listing per business location.

Well, while doing research I encountered the following business listings in Barcelona, while searching for hair treatments and narrowed it down to the results you see in the example (click image for full size)  shown.
Although it is ‘only’ 7 business listings for the same address, the only thing they seem to have changed is the title and the description. This company seems to get away with offering multiple different listings for each and every service they might provide, ranking well in multiple keyword searches in the specific business. Let’s see how Google will solve this problem, and from what I can tell from Matt Cutt’s comments in this blogpost, they’d better watch out. 

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