Recent interface changes to Google Maps

It has been a while since we have seen some major interface changes to Google Maps. Today I noticed some of the following changes and wondered for how long they have already been there.

update: i was a bit behind on my reader and noticed Matt posted about this on SEL as well :)

I did some searches for company names inside Google Maps and found out that google was saving my previous searches and storing the markers in seperate colors inside a new part of the interface (something they call the rv_panel / revision panel?) as the screenshots below will show.



Apart from this I also noticed a ‘zoom level specifier’ in text-view mode but was unable to reproduce it in order to make a screenshot. The ‘zoom level specifier’ was shown alongside the small map in textview and  had numeric values of the zoomlevel with labels ‘street’, ‘place’ , etc to identify its zoom level depth. Let me know if some of you people have seen this experiment and please send me a screenshot :-)


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